There are some simple and easy steps you can take to avoid the pain of a breach notice – let’s check them out.

Car park important notice

Importance notice

Watch out for the terms of parking. Every car park has an Important Notice displayed near an entrance or pay machine which displays the terms and conditions for parking. To avoid being in breach of these, make yourself aware of any special terms that might otherwise catch you out.

car park time limit

Time limit car park

Adhere to car parks time limits. If you are parking at a car park that is part of a complex and no payment is required, always look out for time limits. Many retail, hospitality, educational and public services car parks enforce time limits. These are generally displayed throughout the car park on blue parking signs marked with a ‘P’ and the time in minutes, e.g. P240 means you have a time limit of 240 minutes or 4 hours.

parking sign reserved

Reserved parks

Avoid parking in a bay that maybe reserved for someone else. If the bay has a red ‘reserved’ sign or has a name of a company on the bay, then this will be someone else’s bay, so avoid these parks. If it has a sign which is green and says ‘Public Parking’ or a blue ‘Pay by Plate’ sign and there is a time limit stated on the sign, anyone can park there. Just ensure you adhere to the time limit.

ParkMate app

Ensure you pay for the entire time you park. If you think you are going to be longer than first anticipated, make sure you top up prior to the time expiry or pay more to avoid being breached. To avoid paying more than you need, simply download the ParkMate App, as you don’t need to guess your time. Simply choose the casual product and ‘start’ when you arrive and ‘stop’ when you leave.

Man standing by pay machine

Payment and details

Make yourself familiar with the product you are paying for and the associated conditions. Look for entry and exit times or time limits with products such as Early Bird or All Day. These may be valid for a certain time period such as 12 hours or have an enter before or exit after time. If you need to extend your parking beyond a prepaid product such as Early Bird, and you have used the ParkMate App, simply go to your current session and extend your time!

Wilson Parking pay machine

Payment machine

If you’re using a pay machine, check you are paying on the right machine for the relevant car park and ensure you enter your license plate number correctly. Many pay machines will display the number and name of the car park to help you identify the correct one.