Parking Enforcement Services

Parking Enforcement Services (PES) is a specialist service-based division of Wilson Parking New Zealand Limited. We have a proven track record in providing car park monitoring and enforcement services, and we currently provide our services across more than 700 car parks throughout New Zealand.

Smooth parking operations

Our aim is to ensure that Aotearoa’s car parks run like clockwork, reducing unnecessary congestion and freeing up bays in busy car parks so that genuine customers and clients can more easily find a parking space.

Our service is based on identifying best-fit modes of enforcement to monitor car park premises and minimise parking abuse. We work closely with our clients to ensure our service meets their service expectations.

Positive parking experiences

We deliver user-centric enforcement services aimed at preventing parking abuse rather than reacting to it. Nobody likes parking tickets, and car parks work best for everyone when all parkers are following the terms and conditions they accepted upon entering the car park.

When a vehicle has breached a car park’s terms and conditions, our enforcement officers issue a breach notice. It’s not a fine or a ‘punishment’, but a breach of contract fee to cover the cost of enforcement.

Fair and efficient processes

The breach notice details the location, date, time and nature of the breach, the fee, payment options, and associated timelines. Importantly, the process provides the recipient the opportunity to appeal, avoiding the frustrations and confrontations often associated with other enforcement practices such as towing and wheel-clamping.

Our highly experienced New Zealand-based Customer Service Call Centre Team are skilled in managing enquiries and helping recipients of a breach notice to understand and navigate the appeal process. Our Customer Service team members are Kiwi Host certified.

Promoting accountability

PES and Wilson Parking are not a statutory authority. The breach notices we issue are not a fine, nor a penalty or infringement, but a breach of contract fee to cover the cost of enforcing the terms and conditions of parking.

When a driver enters the car park they do so after accepting the terms and conditions (such as time-limited parking, parent or mobility bays, etc.) as stipulated on the signage. Failure to abide by these conditions means that the parker is in breach of contract and, as per the terms of parking, can expect to receive a breach notice.

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Parking enforcement officer
Parking enforcement officer

Following best practice

Wilson Parking New Zealand Limited is a member of the New Zealand Parking Association (NZPA) and a corporate member of the New Zealand Security Association (NZSA). All our PES officers have undergone extensive in-house training to provide professional enforcement of all car parks.

Parking Enforcement Services, as a division of Wilson Parking New Zealand Limited, is also a member of NZPA and an active participant in the Parking Action Group to improve existing codes of practice for Parking Enforcement. Both Wilson Parking and Parking Enforcement Services are signatories to the ‘Code of Practice for Parking Enforcement on Private Land’.

The Code of Practice can be viewed or downloaded here.

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