How we can use technology to help you?

Almost all retail centres, malls, universities, hospitals and other institutions who operate a car park on premise will experience car park rules, time limits and abuse in some shape or form. The knock on effect of this is less availability for parks for customers or visitors meaning less turnover or revenue for the operators.

Monitoring and enforcement is a very effective way of ensuring that rules are followed by visitors. We can take the entire monitoring process off your hands and manage it for you. Best part of all, it’s free.

Enforcement is very specific and requires many different forms that best suits the operators needs and requirements. This can include officer foot patrols, vehicle patrols, mobile LPR patrols, breach on request and fixed or static Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) technology.

While the advantages of patrols via foot or vehicle include a security presence, a deterrent (from physical presence), customer service and a humanised way to monitor a car park, there are also many benefits of  LPR. We will guide you through the process and offer a recommendation based on our knowledge and experience, however you know your car park best and ultimately the choice is up to you!

LPR technology is a modern and effective way to monitor your car park for any overstays you may encounter. It works by installing a camera at the entry and exit points of your car park and tags each vehicle as they enter and exit by taking a picture of the licence plate and recording the date, time and location of the movement.

The back end software system then determines by a predetermined set of rules, set by you, if the vehicle has adhered to the car park conditions. If the vehicle is found to be in breach of the conditions we send out a breach notice in the post, to the vehicle owner to pay.

Other benefits of static LPR include:

  • Data collection of every vehicle that enters and exits the car park
  • Clear evidence of the vehicle entry and exit times
  • 24 / 7 monitoring
  • Occupancy of car park
  • Trends and reports around use of the car park and customers behaviour


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